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For your beautiful, safe and innovative constructions.

All the frames manufactured by Geo Infissi boast a crucial characteristic that makes them unique: they are manufactured in the Geo Infissi's facility in Massa Carrara, in the North of Tuscany. Having kept the production on-site allows Geo Infissi to be able to offer a high-quality product, certified and handcrafted following all safety procedures. That's because Geo Infissi believes that quality and safety do make the difference, together with the continuous research and the support that only a team with over twenty years' experience can provide you.

Today, Geo Infissi is able to work both in small building sites and in more complex projects, always seeking the materials that can best meet your requirements, and relying exclusively on medium and high-quality products, on the collaboration with partners and leading brands in this sector and on the extreme care of the profiles and of every detail. All this is to make your buildings beautiful, safe and innovative, in just one word: unique.

Geo Infissi manufactures and produces

Geo Infissi commercializes

Aluminium doors   

Fire doors

Aluminium shutters

Wood doors

Continuous façades


Solar shading

Insect screen

Ventilate façades


Armour-plated doors