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How we work

For your beautiful, safe and innovative constructions.


Here is the first strong point of Geo Infissi: Production. Geo Infissi manufactures frames directly in its building site, without relying on third parties and guaranteeing the absolute quality of its products. This means that the company is able to fulfil your every request, using only a quality, safe and innovative product, intended to last forever.


Geo Infissi supports the customer also during the design stage. The company provides support to customers, designers, architects and engineers during this very important first step. Whatever your needs, Geo Infissi will be a partner and interlocutor capable of helping you fulfil your every wish.


The installation of the frames is one of the most important phases of all the work of Geo Infissi, since the expertise and professionalism gained over more than twenty years of experience are put into practice. Geo Infissi mounts aluminium frames for continuous (aluminium/glass) and ventilated façades (marble/granite), two modern, rational and smartly innovative types of coating. Quality, safety, continuous research for novelties and extreme care for details: that's the way Geo Infissi works: it mounts its products directly, ensuring everlasting results.


Geo Infissi supports every customer in the building site, making itself available for the verification of the measures, work and results. Moreover: support is guaranteed even after installation and when the work is complete, because Geo Infissi follows you in every phase of your project and beyond, becoming a partner and privileged interlocutor capable of making even your most ambitious dreams come true.